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We believe web3 is failing at the core premise of decentralization. Tokens claim to be decentralized yet restrict access to certain smart contract functions. Some functions include changing token tax, minting tokens, and whitelisting wallets. Neccesary for the token, but all of these functions exist in a centralized, exploitable domain. Until now.







Take part in smart contract ownership and community discussions.

Community Ownership

All smart contract changes are accessible to the community. Gain voting power by purchasing tokens.


Chat with community members about innovation and the future of defi.

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Obtain direct revenue from dapp interactions and token transfers.

Token Demand

Revenue will always be distributed to stakers in Toolbelt tokens.

Dapps that distribute revenue will either buy tokens from the market or require tokens that have been bought.

This creates demand to buy Toolbelt tokens for reasons other than hype.


Constructing value for other crypto projects through dapps creates opportunity.

Opportunities include revenue growth, reaching new communities, and pushing defi towards true decentralization.

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Shift the power dynamic and envision a new wave of decentralization.

Centralization Issue

Centralization of power poses a large risk as exploiting investors for selfish profit is quite common in defi.

By removing restrictons on smart contract functions, the community as a whole has more power to change the contract than the CEO.

Since defi is based on the allure of decentralization, our goal is to expand the use of decentralization with decentralized applications.

Data Storage

All data is stored and secured by blockchain. No data is permanently stored on this webpage.

We achieve web3 status as our user interface is decentralized. Anyone is able to create a webpage to interact with our dapps.

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With an incredible amount of data, blockchain requires tools for decoding.

Token Approval

With approval, smart contracts can take tokens on behalf of the user.

Some contracts can exploit approvals by stealing excessively approved tokens.

One element of safety can be assured by tracking and managing approvals.


Events log blockchain interactions.

A familiar event, Transfer, is tracked by BscScan to monitor token movement.

Uncover any hidden event by subscribing.

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Each dapp solves a unique problem leading to a net gain from revenue streams. All revenue is forced into the token to reward holders and stakers.


All smart contract changes can be voted on, empowering the community with full control of the token. We set the standard for fluid decentralization.


With no authority to undermine the power of community members, the team has no incentive to hide or censor any information.

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